ETC by IMG - Photo by Griffin Gamcsik-Uly

European Touring Car (ETC) Challenge

The European Touring Car (ETC) Challenge is a sprint race series for touring cars with a power to weight ratio of 11:1 or higher. The inclusive, open ruleset helps bring together lightning quick machines for close wheel to wheel action in a popular European Touring Car format.

Event Format

European Feature Race Format

ETC races are held using the double-feature race format made popular by European pro touring car series. Each race event includes a Practice, Qualifying, and two Sprint Races:

  • The starting grid for Race 1 is determined by each driver's performance in Qualifying
  • The starting grid for Race 2 is determined by the finishing order from Race 1 with the first 10 positions inverted.

The overall winner of the event will be determined by the points accumulated across those two races, according to the IMG Points System. Additional points are awarded for consistency (Fast Five Award) and for the most clean overtakes for position (On the Move).

Vehicle Eligibility

The ETC Challenge is designed for production based race cars with a power to weight ratio above 11.0 lbs per HP (for DOT tires) or 12.0 lbs per HP (for slick tires), including driver. Although ETC racecars are often of  European make, vehicles of all makes are welcome to participate.

Race cars prepared for other sanctioning bodies' rules are welcome to run in ETC races, as long as they satisfy the requirements of the ETC rules and meet the minimum safety requirements of the IMG Race Rules and Regulations. For details, please refer to:

No-Contact Policy

To keep our wheel to wheel racing clean and affordable for all participants, IMG enforces a no-contact policy at all of our events. Contact between cars is strictly prohibited, and will be monitored closely by our flagging crew and stewarding staff.

Bump-drafting and pushing for the purposes of gaining track position are not permitted. Any body-to-body contact during practice or qualifying sessions will result in both cars involved starting from the back during the following race (regardless of fault).


All competitors must have a valid IMG Race license to compete in ETC Race events. Drivers who attend an IMG competition licensing school or an equivalent approved school are eligible to apply for a Race license.

We also accept Competition licenses from recognized sanctioning bodies, (including SCCA, NASA, IMSA, PCA, and others). Please describe your driving experience in detail and attach a copy of your current license and medical form when applying for your license.

Rules, Guides, and Forms

Find everything you need to know about our Competition Racing program and download any forms you might need at the links below:

Apply for your Race License:

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IMG's first ETC race will take place at the May 27th Get Loud! at Lime Rock event.

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