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Endurance Racing

IMG Endurance Racing Series

The Independent Motorsports Group's wheel-to-wheel Race program delivers maximum competition, minimum contact racing for drivers of all cars. IMG sanctions both Sprint and Endurance racing in a fun, friendly wheel to wheel racing environment available to everyone.

Event Types and Formats

Endurance Races (Enduros)

IMG Endurance Racing combines the challenges of team-based competition with the maximum fun, minimum contact style of IMG Sprint Racing.

IMG's Endurance races are 1 or more hours in length, and involve one mandatory pit stop, which may involve a driver change. Teams may use as many drivers as they wish, or even go "solo" - A single driver may do both stints of any IMG Enduro up to 3 hrs in length, as long as they fully exit the car with both feet on the ground during their mandatory stop. Drivers may drive stints of up to 3 continuous hours at a time, with at least a 1 hour break in between.

A typical IMG Endurance Race event includes a practice session, qualifying, and a full length race from 1 hr to 4 hrs in length.

SprintDuro™ Racing

IMG SprintDuro™ races are a unique combination of the up-close, full tilt action of Sprint Racing with the strategy and teamwork involved in Endurance Racing. SprintDuro™ races are 1.5 to 2 hr Endurance Races with a twist - The first 30 minutes of each SprintDuro™ also counts as a Sprint Race.

SprintDuro™ races provide a different sort of challenge for Endurance Racing veterans, who will need to balance strong on-track performance with clean stops and driver changes to finish on top. At the same time, SprintDuro™ races are a great way for Sprint race drivers to get a taste of Endurance racing with a minimum of equipment costs.

No-Contact Policy

To keep our wheel to wheel racing clean and affordable for all participants, IMG enforces a no-contact policy at all of our events. Contact between cars is strictly prohibited, and will be monitored closely by our flagging crew and stewarding staff.

Bump-drafting or pushing for the purposes of gaining track position is not permitted. Any body-to-body contact during practice or qualifying sessions will result in both cars involved being gridded last for the subsequent race (regardless of fault).

Series Championship

The IMG Endurance Racing Series is a season-long championship event that encourages friendly competition and rewards both speed and consistency.

All drivers who enter any IMG Endurance Race event automatically receive points towards the series championship. The top finishers in each class wins a beautiful custom made trophy at every event, and a special season-ending prize is up for grabs.

Car Classes

In order to allow a wide variety of cars to participate, cars are classified using a performance-based classing system called the IMG Performance Index.

Race cars prepared for other sanctioning bodies' rules are welcome to run in IMG races. Many popular classes fit right into an existing Performance Index class via our class equivalency rules.


All competitors must have a valid IMG Race license or recognized license from a major sanctioning body to compete in IMG Race events. Drivers who attend an IMG competition licensing school or an equivalent approved school are eligible to apply for a Race license.

We also accept Competition licenses from recognized sanctioning bodies. Please describe your driving experience in detail and attach a copy of your current license and medical form when applying for your license.

Rules, Guides, and Forms

Find everything you need to know about our Competition Racing program and download any forms you might need at the links below:

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