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On-Track Time Trial Series Series

IMG Time Trial Series

The Indpendent Motorsports Group's Time Trial events (aka Time attack events) are competitive driving events for drivers competing against the clock in their street or race car. Cars are classed by make, model, and their level of modifications using a points based system to ensure a level playing field.

Event Format

IMG Time Trial drivers drive in two groups, based on experience level and performance:

  • Intermediate Group

    Intermediate Group drivers have significant DE or track day experience and have a strong command of all major high performance driving techniques. Drivers in the intermediate group typically have over 8-10 days of DE / track day experience on multiple different tracks.
  • Advanced Group

    Advanced Group drivers consistently demonstrate a mastery of high performance driving techniques, significant pace, and have substantial road course experience. Advanced group drivers have years of track experience and may be certified driving instructors.

Each competitor is timed via the MyLaps / AMB electronic Transponder system, which clocks lap times to millisecond precision. Every lap of the day is timed, and the lap times for all drivers are posted after every session. At the end of the day, driver's times are aggregated by class, and trophies and points are awarded based on each competitor's finishing position in their class.

Car Class / Performance Index

In order to keep competition fair amongst vehicles of all types, cars are classed using a performance-based classing system called the IMG Performance Index.

Series Championship

The IMG On-Track TIme Trial Series is a season-long championship event that encourages friendly competition and rewards both speed and consistency.

All drivers who enter an On-Track Time Trial event automatically receive points towards the series championship. The top finishers in each class wins a beautiful custom made trophy at every event, and a special season-ending prize is up for grabs.


All competitors must have a valid IMG Time Trial license or equivalent from a recognized sanctioning body to compete in IMG TT events. Drivers who have received sign-off from the IMG Chief DE Instructor may apply for a Time Trial license.

We also accept Time Trial licenses from recognized sanctioning bodies and may grant Time Trial licenses based on driving experience. Please describe your driving experience in detail and attach your driving resume (if available) when applying for your license.

Rules, Guides, and Forms

Find out everything you need to know about our Time Trial program and download any forms you might need at the links below:

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