Full in-car Instruction for drivers of all experience levels- Photo by Joe Lin

On-Track Program

The IMG On-Track Program offers several programs to help motorsports enthusiasts of all experience levels enjoy track driving. All you need is a certified helmet and a well-maintained street car:

High Performance Driver Education

On-Track High Performance Driver Education

IMG Driver's Education events are designed for motorsports enthusiasts of all experience levels to experience the thrills of high speed track driving in a controlled environment. DE events are non-timed events focused on learning the craft and skills that will allow you to drive your car to its - and your potential.

Everyone, from complete novices to seasoned veterans are welcome at IMG DEs - All you need is a helmet and a well-maintained car to participate.

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Rules and Forms:

Time Trial

On-Track Time Trial

Time Trial events (also known as Time Attack events) are competitive driving events for drivers looking for a way to compete in their street car. The rules are simple - every lap on track is timed, and the fastest time in your class wins.

Cars are classed by make, model, and their level of modifications using a points based system to ensure a level playing field.

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Rules and Forms:

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On-Track Motorsports School

On-Track Motorsports School

The On-Track Motorsports School isn't your average HPDE school. It's a fully immersive educational experience with classroom sessions, in-car instruction, and mentorship for novice and intermediate drivers. Whether you are hitting the track for the first time or want to get that extra tenth of lap time, IMG's team of experienced instructors, coaches, and racers work with you to help you get exactly what you want out of your day.

The On-Track Motorsports School is included with any High Performance Driver Education or Time Trial day.

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Where do I sign up?

Registration is open for our events on the Schedule and Registration page.

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