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On-Track Motorsports School

The Indpendent Motorsports Group's On-Track Motorsports School is a fully immersive educational experience with classroom sessions, in-car instruction, and mentorship for drivers taking part in On-Track events.

School Format

The On-Track Motorsports School is designed to help both new and veteran drivers go fast, stay safe, and get what they are looking for out of their event.

  • Classroom Instruction

    Each day includes 3-4 classroom sessions for students to learn safety, driving theory, and to hone their individual strengths and skills. Classroom sessions are led by our Chief DE Instructor, who has over a decade of experience as a track instructor and race instructor.
  • In-Car Instructor

    While you are on track, an experienced instructor will sit with you in your passenger side seat and guide you through the track. He/she will help you build your track driving skills and find the precious seconds that you are looking for. In-car instruction is personalized to your individual skill level and goals, whether it be getting comfortable on track, learning a new course, or finding that last bit of time.
  • Driver Mentorship

    Your classroom and in-car instructors aren't the only drivers who can help make your HPDE event an immersive educational experience. The paddock at every IMG event is full of experienced staff, drivers, and racers who are happy to get you fully integrated into the at-track experience. If you aren't sure about something or have any questions about anything, don't be afraid to ask - all of us are there to help.

In order to make sure you get the most out of your track time, keep our groups as small as possible. For that reason, we recommend that you register as early as possible to save your spot on the entry list.

Participation Requirements

The On-Track Motorsports School is open to any driver with a well-maintained street or race car and a willingness to learn.

Generally, any well-maintained street car or racecar is eligible to participate in IMG On-Track events. Convertibles must have a fixed roll bar that is taller than the driver's head with his/her helmet on, and any glass headlights or moonroofs must be covered with tape.

Register Now

The On-Track Motorsports School is part of every IMG High Performance Driver Experience event. Registration is open for our events on the Schedule and Registration page.

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