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IMG Memberships

We offer four types of memberships for drivers wishing to participate in IMG events:

Temporary Weekend Membership

Anyone can try IMG for an event weekend. Just register for any event on our event schedule via our
Event Schedule page.

If you have a current Race or Time Trial license, please be sure to bring a copy of your license and current medical forms (for race licenses) to Registration on the day of the event.

Annual Membership

A standard IMG membership gives you and your family full access to all IMG Driver's Education events, Time Trials, Races, Driving Schools, and special events for $100 per year.

Annual memberships include:

  • Member discount on all entry fees
  • 50% discount on transponder rentals
  • In-Car and Classroom Instruction as you need it
  • Free TT / Race License Renewals
  • Free Car Number Reservation
  • Free T-shirt

How to apply for membership:

  1. Fill out our Membership Application Form
  2. If you are applying for a Race License, fill out the Medical Examination Form as well
  3. Send your completed membership application to
     or mail it with your membership dues to:

ATTN: Membership Applications
Independent Motorsports Group
119 Walter St
South Plainfield, NJ 07080

Emailing your membership form? We now accept paypal payments for membership dues:

1 Year - IMG Annual Membership

Pay Now

Supporting Memberships

We've received a tremendous amount of support from many drivers, flaggers, workers, and crew. In response to their support, we are opening up a second tier of founding memberships. A supporting membership will make you a special part of the organization and includes Charter Membership benefits for a specific amount of time:

  • A $500 Supporting Membership offers the Charter Membership benefits above for 1 year
  • A $1000 Supporting Membership offers Charter Membership benefits for 3 years
  • A $1500 Supporting Membership offers Charter Membership benefits for 5 years

Supporting members will also be included in supporter-exclusive offers from our vendors throughout the racing season. Supporting Members may upgrade to Charter Memberships at any time.

For more information or to become a Supporting Member, call or email:

Charlie Greenhaus
Director of Motorsports Activities
(570) 682-9666

Charter Memberships

IMG has been made possible thanks to the generous support of our Charter Members. We are still offering Charter Memberships for those of you who wish to become a special part of the Independent Motorsports Group..

Charter memberships are $2500 for individuals. In addition to all of the fun things that all regular IMG memberships bring, Charter Memberships also include the following benefits:

  • Exclusive track sessions at events
  • Early entry option for all events - Never be shut out of a popular event!
  • Additional Discounts on entry fees
  • Free or discounted access to event add-ons and special activities, such as skidpad access and banquets
  • No late fees, reduced cancellation penalties
  • No annual club dues. EVER
  • Lifetime Car Number Reservation
  • Club perks, such as free coaching sessions any time an instructor is available
  • Extra opportunities for track time exclusive to Charter Members

Most importantly, you will be a special part of an exciting new motorsports opportunity and will make all of these possibilities a reality.

To apply for a Charter Membership or for more information, call or email:

Charlie Greenhaus
Director of Motorsports Activities
(570) 682-9666


Do you have a question about our membership programs?

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