Championship Points Standings

IMG hosts series championships for our On-Track Time Trial, Sprint Races, and Endurance Races. Using a points system that rewards both speed and consistency, we hope to bring out the cars, competition, and camaraderie that all of our members love about IMG.

Points System

The IMG points system is designed to reward consistency as well as speed. Here's how it works:

Championship Overview
  • There will be three separate championships, for Time Trials, Sprint Races, and Endurance Races
  • All drivers who participate in any Time Trial, Sprint Race, or Endurance Race event will receive points for any events they enter
  • The best 6 finishes for each driver will count towards their championship position
    • There will be 10 points-eligible Sprint Race events in the 2013 Race Time Trial Championship
    • There will be 9 points-qualiying Time Trial days in the 2013 Time Trial Championship
    • All of the Endurance racing events in 2013 will count towards the 2013 Enduro Championship
  • Teams in the Endurance racing championship will accrue points by their team name
  • The driver with the most points in their class will win the championship for their category
Event Points
  • The last-place finisher in each race / time trial day will receive one point
  • If there are more than 10 cars in a class, every position after tenth place receives one point
  • Each position above the last place car will receive one more point than the position below it
  • The winner in each race will receive one additional point
  • The driver with the best Fast Five Index (most consistent five fastest laps) in each race will receive one additional point
  • If awarded, winners of the On the Move (greatest numbers of clean overtakes with no contact) award will receive one additional point

For example:

  • If there are ten cars in a class, the first place finisher receives 11 points, the 2nd place finisher receives 9 points, 3rd place finisher - 8 points, and so on all the way down to 1 point for 10th place
  • If there are eight cars in class, the first place finisher receives 9 points, the 2nd place finisher 7 points, the 3rd place finisher receives 6 points, and so on down to 1 point for 8th place
DNS (Did Not Start) and DNF (Did Not Finish)
  • in the event that a driver participates in practice or qualifying but is unable to compete due to mechanical failure or damage, he/she will receive 1 point
  • Any driver who fails to make 1/2 the laps of the overall leader in class will receive one point
  • The remaining drivers will accrue points based on their finishing position based on the total number of cars entered, including DNS and DNF entries

Season Points Tie-Breaker

In the event that a tie in accumulated points occurs at the end of the season, each Championship will be decided as follows:

  • The driver with the greatest number of wins will be declared champion
  • In the event that both drivers have an equal # of wins, the championship will be awarded to the driver with the most second place finishes
  • If both drivers have an equal # of 1st and 2nd place finishes, both drivers will be declared co-champions


Trophies will be awarded based on the number of entrants:

  • If there are 5 or more entrants, the first three finishers will receive trophies
  • If there are 3 entrants, the first two finishers will receive trophies
  • If there are two entrants, the first place finisher will receive a trophy

Trophies may also be awarded for special acts of volunteerism and exemplary acts of camaraderie.


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