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On-Track High Performance Driver Education


The Indpendent Motorsports Group's High Performance Driver Education (HPDE) program is designed for motorsports enthusiasts with a safe, well-maintained street or race car to enjoy the thrills of high speed track driving in a controlled environment.

Event Format

IMG HPDE participants drive in three run groups, based on their experience level:

  • Novice Group

    Drivers in the Novice Group are those just beginning to develop high performance driving skills on road courses. New novice group drivers are assigned an experienced instructor while they build their skill sets and gain experience. Novice drivers who demonstrate sufficient awareness, safety, and proficiency will be signed off to drive solo in the Novice Group.
  • Intermediate Group

    Intermediate Group drivers have significant HPDE or track day experience and have a strong command of all major high performance driving techniques. Drivers in the intermediate group typically have over 8-10 days of HPDE / track day experience on multiple different tracks.
  • Advanced Group

    Advanced Group drivers consistently demonstrate a mastery of high performance driving techniques, significant pace, and have substantial road course experience. Advanced group drivers have years of track experience and may be certified driving instructors.

Classroom instruction is provided for Novice and Intermediate group drivers between sessions to discuss safety, driving theory, and to hone each driver's skills. In-car instruction is available for Intermediate and Advanced group drivers as well, pending instructor availability.

In order to make sure you get the most out of your track time, we restrict our entries to keep our groups as small as possible. For that reason, we recommend that you register as early as possible to save your spot on the entry list.

Vehicle Prep

Generally, any well-maintained street car or racecar is eligible to participate in IMG HPDE and TT events. Convertibles must have a fixed roll bar that is taller than the driver's head with his/her helmet on, and any glass headlights or moonroofs must be covered with tape.

You will also need to apply car numbers (in a visible contrasting color) to the sides of your car before heading out on track. These numbers can be vinyl, magnetic, or removable tape (masking tape or painter's tape). You may choose your car number at Registration time.

Driver Gear

In addition to a safe, well maintained street or race car, all drivers participating in an IMG HPDE event must have the following equipment:

  • A proper fitting full-face motor racing helmet with one or more of the following certifications:

    Snell M2005, SA2005, M2010, or SA2010
    FIA 8860-2004
    SFI 31.1/2005

  • Long-sleeve shirt
  • Long pants
  • Closed Toe Shoes

Typical DE day attire may include jeans or khakis with a long-sleeve shirt and tennis shoes or driving shoes. However, we encourage all participants to make full use of any safety equipment that exceeds these minimum requirements. A Nomex driving suit, head and neck restraint, or a full set of Nomex underwear are all good ideas, even if you never plan to use them.

Safety First

Remember, IMG HPDE events are for having fun and learning how to drive in the safest environment possible. They are non-competitive and are NOT racing. For the safety of everybody, passing is restricted to designated passing zones, and drivers must adhere to all flags and directions from corner workers. Over-aggressive driving, body contact, or any dangerous behavior is strictly forbidden.

Will I damage my car?

On-track accidents are extremely rare, but there is always an element of risk involved in any high performance driving event. If you would like to have that extra safety net for your car, On Track offers an insurance policy specifically for Driver's Education events.

To find out more, visit or call 1-866-638-0505.

Rules, Guides, and Forms

Find out everything you need to know about our Driver's Education program and download any forms you might need at the links below:

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